A.D.A.P.T. Dance Exam Results
        Students from the Drewitz School of Dance, under the
direction of Lorie-Gay Drewitz-Gallaway, took part
in A.D.A.P.T. Jazz and Tap Exams which were held the end of November.   Examiners were Faye and Brian Foley of Toronto, Ontario.
        Recently recieved results are as follows:

Junior 1 Jazz -
                 Highly Commended - Kendall Bill,
                                                Tia Dayman, Mia Hanson
                Commended Plus - Kaeli Coleman,
                                                Kelsey Romanyk,
                                                Kia Rosenbaum and
                                                Mackenzie Knobel
                Commended - Shelby Tytlandsvik,
                                                Tamira Krall, Avery Dechief,
                                                Becky Blackburn                            Pass Plus - Kourtney Kobitz,
                                                Michelle Fergusson, and
                                                Ryley Davis

Junior 2 Jazz - Highly Commended Plus -
                                                Halynne Lamontagne
                        Commended Plus - Kelsey Fonstad,
                                                Michala Brasseur
                        Commended - Becky Blackburn,
                                        Rebecca Brook, Taryn Buhler       
                        Pass Plus - Jeanae Lukye, Hannah Battersby
                        Pass - Bailey Pierson
Junior 3 Jazz -
        Highly Commended - Kayla Brodziak, Jennah Horn,
                                           Hunter Hildebrand
        Commended Plus - Bailey Holzer
        Commended - Rochelle Duncan, Brooke Pachal
        Pass Plus - Kristina Chamney, Alexa Clow,
                        Hayden Meyer, Corinn Zieglgansberger

Pre-Intermediate 1 Jazz -
        Highly Commended - Teagan Graham
        Commended Plus - Danica Friess, Kathryn Le,
                                        Tristan Burnard, Tiana Whitman,
                                        Rachel Bell
        Commended - Shannon Lee
        Pass Plus - Shelby Frehlick, Halee Pachal

Pre-Intermediate 2 Jazz -
        Commended Plus - Lakyn Hilstrom, Kathryn Le
        Commended - Adrienne Dechief, Maria Sinclair
        Pass Plus - Kelcy McGillicky, Allyson Haukeness
        Pass - Alyssa Olson, Tianna Gervais

Intermediate 1 Jazz -
        Commended Plus - Brie McClement
        Commended - Tamara Lawrence
        Pass - Chelsae Mack, Amber Dukart

Intermediate 3 Jazz -
        Commended - Drake Coulter, Meghan Vanderkuur

Junior 1 Tap-
        Highly Commended Plus - Tia Dayman, Amy Brook,
                                                        Kia Rosenbaum
        Highly Commended - Kelsey Romanyk, Bailey                                           Pierson, Mia Hanson,
                                        Camryn Brown
        Commended Plus - Jillian Fornwald, Tamira Krall,
                                        Clare Wanner
        Commended - Shelby Tytlandsvik

Junior 2 Tap -
        Highly Commended Plus - Teagan Graham
        Commended Plus - Michala Brasseur, Haley Tonita
        Commended - Becky Blackburn, Amanda Wilson
        Pass Plus - Janaya Whitman, Shaina Graves,
                        Michelle Fergusson

Junior 3 Tap -       
        Highly Commended Plus - Teagan Graham
        Commended Plus - Shelby Frehlick, Jenna Frehlick,
                                Hunter Hildebrand
        Commended - Corinn Zieglgansberger, Maria Sinclair,
                                Priscilla Wanner, Tiana Whitman,
                                Halee Pachal, Rochelle Duncan
        Pass Plus - Amber Dechief, Molly Fogarty



Pre-Intermediate 1 Tap -
                Highly Commended Plus - Amber Dukart,                                                               Danica Friess
                Highly Commended - Kiera Baryluk
                Commended Plus - Rachel Bell, Tianna Gervais,
                                Kiana Stepp
                Commended - Jenna Frehlick, Jennah Horn,
                        Allyson Haukeness, Bailey Holzer
                Pass Plus - Maria Sinclair, Dominic Elson
                Pass - Kaylee MacKenzie

Pre-Intermediate 3 Tap -
                                Highly Commended - Kirstie Yergens,                                          Lakyn Hilstrom, Kayden Tonita
                                Commended - Paige Bell
                                Pass - Chance Coulter

Intermediate  1 Tap -
                                Commended - Brie McClement
                                Pass - Chelsae Mack

Intermediate 3 Tap-
                        Commended - Meghan Vanderkuur and                                                Drake Coulter
                        Pass Plus - Kendra Gusikoski

Congratulations to all participants!



Scottish Dance Teachers’ Alliance Highland Examinations for
students were held on Wednesday, November 27, 2006 at the Drewitz School of Dance in Estevan.  Students from Estevan and area
took part in the day of exams. Students, under the direction of
Lorie-Gay Drewitz-Gallaway, ARAD were examined in Medals,
Nationals and Jigs Exams.  This years examiner was
 Mrs. Myra Miller of Glasgow, Scotland. All candidates were successful.
          Results were as follows:
Pre-Bronze Fling: Highly Commended - Hunter Hildebrand and
                                                                   Kathleen Schiml

Pre-Bronze Sword: Highly Commended - Amber Dechief,
                                                          Teagan Graham & Rochelle Duncan

Bronze Medal:      Highly Commended - Teagan Graham
                             Commended Plus - Rochelle Duncan & Amber Dechief

Silver  Medal:       Highly Commended  -  Kiera Baryluk and
                                                          Shauna McNaughton
                             Commended Plus - Mackenzie Lawson and
                                                             Allyson Haukeness
                             Commended - Carly Frehlich

Gold Medal:                   Highly Commended - Jessica Schiml
                             Commended Plus -  Dorianne Geske

Primary Theory:   Honours - Teagan Graham     


Pre-Bronze Lilt:    Highly Commended  - Hunter Hildebrand
                                            Pass Plus - Michelle Fergusson


Bronze National:  Highly Commended - Rochelle Duncan, Teagan Graham,
                                                              Amber Dechief


Gold  National:    Highly Commended- Carly Frehlich,Kiera Baryluk
                             Commended - Allyson Haukeness, Mackenzie Lawson
Scottish Award I National:      Highly Commended - Jessica Schiml
                                                Commended Plus - Dorianne Geske
                                                Commended - Shauna McNaughton


          Bronze:       Highly Commended  - Allyson Haukeness,
                                                Jessica Schiml, Dorianne Geske,
                                                 Kiera Baryluk, Carly Frehlich,
                                                 Mackenzie Lawson                                                
          Congratulations to all Students!



          Students from the Drewitz School of Dance in Estevan,
under the direction of Lorie-Gay Drewitz-Gallaway, ARAD
recently received their results from London, England.
Students are now being strategically marked for exams as well as
accreditation in their dance exams. Technique, posture, musicality,
presentation, Free Movement, Character, and their Dance is now
graded. The standard required to pass is world-wide throughout all countries. This years examiner was Mrs. Theresa Randall from
Toronto, Ontario. Mrs. Randall works with students at the National Ballet of Canada with all ages, and is part of the Audition Tour held every year.
          Results are as follows:

          PRIMARY GRADE: 
                             Distinction - Morgan Fichter, Kelsey Romanyk,
                                                Hunter Dureault, Elizabeth Wasmann,
                                                Jaclyn Schindel, Tamira Krall
                             Merit - Tia Dayman, Aleyah Fettig,
                                                Kia Rosenbaum, Amy Brook,
                                                Avery Dechief, Kourtney Kobitz
          GRADE TWO:
                             Distinction - Halynne Lamontagne and
                                                   Kayla Brodziak
                             Merit - Hunter Hildebrand, Rebecca Brook,                                             Kelsey Fonstad, Haley Tonita
          GRADE THREE:
                             Distinction - Kayla Brodziak
                             Merit - Jennah Horn, Tiana Whitman,
                                        Danica Friess, Rachel Bell,
                                        Corinn Zieglgansberger, Madison Blischak

          GRADE FOUR:
                             Merit - Bailey Holzer, Kiana Stepp,
                                         Tristan Burnard, Kaylee MacKenzie,
                                          Hillary Horn, Shannon Lee,
                                          Amber Dechief
          GRADE FIVE:
                             Distinction - Paige Bell, Kiera Baryluk,
                                         Kirstie Yergens, Lakyn Hilstrom
                             Merit - Kayden Tonita, Alyssa Olson,
                                         Blair MacDonald
                             Pass - Tianna Gervais

          GRADE SIX:
                             Merit - Maria Sinclair

          GRADE SEVEN:
                             Merit - Meghan Vanderkuur, Kendra Gusikoski
          GRADE EIGHT:
                             Merit - Danita Stallard, Emily Fornwald
          Major Ballet Exams were held In two sessions this year. The Fall Session was held in November with Miss Sue Graham from the United Kingdom as Examiner. Jessica Dahl received
Distinction in her Advanced 1 Major Exam.
The Spring Session of exams were held in Regina with
 Miss Fanny Ko of Toronto, Ontario as Examiner.
Results were as follows:
          Intermediate Foundation: Distinction - Laky Hilstrom and
                                                          Kiera Baryluk
                             Merit - Kirstie Yergens, Paige Bell and
                                         Maria Sinclair
Congratulations to all exam candidates!

          Students from the Drewitz School of Dance in Estevan completed this
years Examinations and Medal Tests on January 23-25th. 180 examinations
took place in this session and all candidates were successful.
 Examiner was Mrs.Gaetane Hughes from Ontario.
In the Examinations, students are graded as follows: Honours, Highly Commended, Commended, Pass Plus, and Pass. In the Badge Tests for Preliminary Tap and Jazz, students just receive Successful on completion. In Ballet, Tap and Jazz Medals students are graded as the Examination Levels.
Students are marked on Technical Requirements as well as high Performance Levels for their Graded Achievements.
Recently received results were as follows:

          Primary Grade:    Honours -  Haley Tonita, Hunter Hildebrand
          Grade 1 Tap:        Honours - Kirstie Yergens, Paige Bell
          Grade 2 Tap:        Honours - Jessica Dahl
                                       Highly Commended - Lakyn Hilstrom
          Grade 3 Tap:        Honours - Lakyn Hilstrom, Jessica Dahl,
                                                        Kayden Tonita
                                       Commended - Chance Coulter
          Intermediate Major Tap:         Honours - Meghan Vanderkuur
          Advanced Major Tap:    Honours - Drake Coulter

          Primary Grade:    Honours - Hunter Hildebrand
                                      Commended - Haley Tonita
          Grade 1 Jazz:        Honours - Paige Bell, Kirstie Yergens
          Grade 2 Jazz:        Honours - Lakyn Hilstrom
                                      Highly Commended - Chance Coulter
          Grade 3 Jazz:        Highly Commended - Kayden Tonita,
                                                                        Lakyn Hilstrom
                                      Commended - Chance Coulter
          Elementary Major Jazz: Honours - Brie McClement                        
          Advanced Major Jazz:  
                                      Honours - Drake Coulter, Meghan Vanderkur


          Preliminary Tap Badge:
                             Successful - Tia Dayman, Mia Hanson, Kourtney Kobitz,
                                                Kelsey Romanyk, Kia Rosenbaum,
                                                Shelby Tytlandsvik, Amy Brook,
                                                Camryn Brown, Jillian Watson,
                                                Jillian Fornwald
          Pre-Bronze Tap Medal:
                             Honours - Michala Brasseur, Teagan Graham,   
                                                Haley Tonita
                             Highly Commended -  Becky Blackburn,
                                                Amanda Wilson
                             Commended - Janaya Whitman, Shaina Graves,
                                                Michelle Fergusson
          Bronze Tap: Honours - Paige Bell, Kiera Baryluk, Amber Dukart,
                                      Chance Coulter, Jenna Frehlich,
                                      Shelby Frehlich, Lakyn Hilstrom,
                                      Bailey Holzer, Kathryn Le,
                                      Kayden Tonita, Kiana Stepp, Kirstie Yergens
                             Highly Commended - Rachel Bell, Rochelle Duncan,
                                      Molly Fogarty, Allyson Haukeess,
                                      Hunter Hildebrand, Jennah Horn, Shannon Lee,
                                      Kaylee MacKenzie, Alyssa Olson,
                                      Zoe Seregella, Maria Sinclair, Tiana Whitman                         Commended - Corinn Zieglgansberger, Cora King,
                                      Kelcy McGillicky, Tristan Burnard,
                                      Amber Dechief
          Silver Tap: Honours - Meghan Vanderkuur
          Gold Tap: Honours - Drake Coulter, Grant Henneberg,
                                          Emily Fornwald, Brie McClement,
                                          Meghan Vanderkuur
                          Highly Commended - Kendra Gusikoski, Chelsae Mack,
                                                          Keisha Padayachee
                          Commended - Eilish Burnard, Kailey Guillemin                       



          Preliminary Jazz Badge:
                             Successful - Kendall Bill, Becky Blackburn,
                                      Caeli Coleman, Tia Dayman, Avery Dechief,
                                      Michelle Fergusson, Lorin Fichter,
                                      Morgan Fichter, Mia Hanson,
                                      Mackenzie Knobel, Kourtney Kobitz,
                                       Taylor Kuntz, Tiana Packard,
                                      Kelsey Romanyk, Kia Rosenbaum,
                                      Kathleen Schiml, Shelby Tytlandsvik,
                                      Mikaila Young
          Pre-Bronze Jazz Medal:
                             Highly Commended - Michala Brasseur,
                                                          Becky Blackburn, Karli Kittleson,
                                                          Jacqueline Peeace, Kelsey Fonstad                       Commended - Taryn Buhler

          Bronze Jazz Medal:
                             Honours - Alyssa Olson, Kayla Brodziak
                             Highly Commended - Alexa Clow, Hunter Hildebrand,
                                                Bailey Holzer, Jennah Horn,
                                                Hayden Meyer, Brooke Pachal
                             Commended - Kristina Chamney, Rochelle Duncan,
                                      Shaina Graves, Kaylee MacKenzie,
                                      Zoe Seregella, Haley Tonita, Amanda Wilson
                             Pass Plus - Brittany Orsted
          Silver Jazz Medal:
                             Honours - Shelby Frehlich, Teagan Graham,
                                             Lakyn Hilstrom, Kathryn Le, Maria Sinclair
                             Highly Commended - Rachel Bell, Molly Fogarty,
                                                Kara Graves, Hillary Horn,
                                                Kelcy McGillicky, Alyssa Olson,
                                                Tiana Whitman
                             Commended - Shannon Lee, Halee Pachal, Jaide Strutt,
                                                Courtney Bill, Tristan Burnard


          Gold Jazz Medal:
                             Honours - Kiera Baryluk, Paige Bell, Maria Sinclair
                             Highly Commended - Kirstie Yergens, Kiana Stepp,
                                                Carly Frehlick, Jenna Frehlich,
                                                Adrienne Dechief, Kayden Tonita    

          Preliminary Ballet Badge:
                             Highly Commended - Lorin Fichter, Madison Frehlich,
                                                Arden Riddle, Mackenzie Warriner,
                                                Kathleen Schiml
                             Commended - Brittany Englot, Taylor Kuntz,
                                                Hannah Martin
          Primary Enrichment:
                             Honours - Kayla Brodziak, Teagan Graham,
                                             Hunter Hildebrand
                             Highly Commended - Taryn Buhler, Kelsey Fonstad,
                                                Molly Fogarty, Jacqueline Peeace
                             Commended - Rebecca Brook, Mackenzie Colbow,
                                                Michelle Fergusson, Shaina Graves,
                                                Mackenzie Knobel, Haley Tonita,
                                                Janaya Whitman
          Grade 3 Enrichment:
                             Honours - Brie McClement, Kiera Baryluk,
                                             Lakyn Hilstrom, Bailey Holzer,
                             Highly Commended - Kirstie Yergens, Kiana Stepp,
                                                Alyssa Olson, Paige Bell
                             Commended - Carly Frehlich, Kelcy McGillicky

Congratulations to all exam and medal test participants!


Teacher’s Exams

CDTA Member Ballet – Kimberly Lawrence
Distinction    January 2006

CDTA Associate Tap – Drake Coulter – Merit  2007
CDTA Associate Jazz – Drake Coulter – Merit  2007



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