Students from the Drewitz School Of Dance were tested in Tap, Jazz and Ballet Exams, Badges and Medal Tests. The students were examined in 3 sessions taking place in December and January. Examiners were Jacquie Huck from Humboldt, Sask. , Julie Dionne from Red Deer, Alberta and Gaetane Hughes from Mississauga, Ontario. Over 160 exams took place. Recently received results were as follows:


Grade 1: Honours - Kelsey Romanyk
Commended – Reese Handley

Elementary Major: Highly Commended – Teagan Graham, Kayla Brodziak
Commended – Michala Brasseur
Pass Plus – Madison Frehlick

Intermediate Major: Honours – Hunter Hildebrand
Highly Commended – Becky Blackburn
Commended – Corinn Zieglgansberger


Preliminary Jazz Badge: Successful – Paige Anderson, Haley Copeland, Jenna Fleck, Caitlyn Green, Madison Hrywkiw, Lauren Kobitz, Kelsey Kowalchuk, Payton Krzeminski, Codie Lemcke, Jersey Long, Kaitlin Milbrandt, Emily Phillips, Eva Salamon, Tiana Seeman, Lyssa Strilaeff, Brook Strutt, Katie Wempe, Kiana Goudy, Alexa Dauk-Law, Abby Phair, Kylie Armstrong, Makenna Empey, Kelsey Magnien

Pre-Bronze Medal : Honours – Tenley Pratt, Abby Hanson
Highly Commended – Kailey Kowalchuk, Sydney McKenzie, Taylor Geisel, Emily Alexander, Megan Wilson
Commended – Gabrielle Bokhorst, Macie Hall, Mackenzie Skuce, Brielle Wakely, Chauntay Schlosser-Nelson, Gemma Bittman
Pass Plus – Kierra Gingrass, Megan Zemlak

Bronze Medal: Honours – Madison Zandee
Highly Commended – Destiny Adams, Cazlynn Barnstable
Commended – Isabelle Beahm, Billie Jaworski

Silver Medal: Honours – Ricki Graham, Mia Hanson, Avery Dechief
Highly Commended – Emily Beahm and Reese Handley


Grade 1: Honours – Reese Handley, Kayla Brodziak, Madison Zandee

Grade 2: Honours – Kayla Brodziak
Highly Commended – Kaira Schwengler-Kyle

Grade 4: Honours – Teagan Graham
Highly Commended – Madison Frehlick and Michala Brasseur

Intermediate Major: Honours – Becky Blackburn
Advanced Major: Honours – Corinn Zieglgansberger

Preliminary Tap Badge: Successful – Halle Adams, Elsie Alexander, Isabelle Beahm, Billie Jaworski, Brooklyn Ruzicka, Makenna Empey, Kaydence Hughes, Alicia Wiebe, Iciss L’Heureux

Pre-Bronze Medal: Honours – Tenley Pratt
Highly Commended – Brielle Wakely
Commended – Abby Hanson, Sydney McKenzie
Pass Plus – Chauntay Schlosser-Nelson

Bronze Medal: Honours – Madison Zandee
Commended – Emily Beahm, Destiny Adams, Emily Alexander, Taryn Buhler
Pass Plus – Mackenzie Knobel


Grade 1: Honours – Kelsey Romanyk

Grade 2: Honours – Kelsey Fonstad

Grade 5: Honours - Becky Blackburn, Teagan Graham
Highly Commended – Michala Brasseur and Kayla Brodziak
Commended – Madison Frehlick

Intermediate Major: Honours – Kiera Baryluk
Highly Commended – Hunter Hildebrand
Commended – Corinn Zieglgansberger

Preliminary Ballet Badge: Successful – Brooklyn Ruzicka, Skylar Milford, Michelle Nam, Sadie Smith,
Jenna Knibbs, Kianah Dyer, Sienna Kuntz, Isabella Semenuik, Braydon Luedtke, Randi Milbrandt, Marley Nashiem, Gracie Dzuba, Ekko Sanguin, Annelise Renauld, Mercedes Irwin, Brenna Selstead, Amariah Logue, Scarlett Mercer

Primary Enrichment:
Honours - Haley Copeland, Caitlyn Green
Highly Commended –Tenley Pratt,Madison Dame, Abby Hanson, Emily Phillips, Taylor Geisel, Bryn Lamontagne, Brielle Wakely
Commended – Mackenzie Skuce, Megan Wilson, Kierra Gingras, Lauren Kobitz, Chelsea Kramer, Kailey Kowalchuk, Kaitlin Milbrandt, Eva Salamon, Jenna Fleck, Elsie Alexanderson, Paige Anderson, Cazlynn Barnstable
Pass Plus – Gabrielle Bokhorst, Mackenna Empey, Faith Haberstock, Macie Hall, Madison Hrywkiw, Codie Lemcke, Sydney McKenzie, Savanna Perry, Kiera Renauld , Sarah Wright, Megan Zemlak, Tiana Seeman

Grade 3 Enrichment:
Highly Commended – Kia Rosenbaum, Madison Frehlick
Commended – Mackenzie Knobel, Tamira Krall, Kelsey Romanyk, Jillianne Gedak, Kelsey Fonstad, Kourtney Kobitz, Amy Brook
Pass Plus – Karlee Ross, Jaclyn Schindel
Pass –Taryn Buhler

Kiera Baryluk completed her CDTA Associate Tap Exam held in Regina in December.

Congratulations to all candidates!!


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