Recital 2005 - "Dancing Through the Ages"

Dancing Through the Zodiak

Libra Rocks

The Elements...Earth
Freinds of the Zodiac

Aurora's Path

Virgo's...Celebrate Saskatachewan

Pisces...Three Little Fishies

Aries Mist

Conquest of the Stars..Cancer

Flowers of Myth...Taurus

Journey to the Stars

Stranger in Paradise

Capricorn's Highlights

The Elements of the Sun

Magical Dreams

Gemini Dream

The Elements...Water

Gemini's Twins...Let's Get Together

Beyond the Zodiac

Galactic Charleston

Celebrate the Zodiac

You Ready for This

A Time and Place

Pop Goes The World

Astrological Radiance

Age of Aquarius

Scottish Flight

Sagittarius Syncopation

The Elements...A Breath of Air

Jigs of Leo


Celestial Garden


Somewhere Out There

Rockin' On Top of the World Life



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