Students from the Drewitz School of Danceparticipated in examinations held in January. The examiner for Tap Exams was Miss Jacquie Huck of Regina, and for Ballet, Jazz and all Medal Tests, the examiner was Barbara Dearborn from Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Recently received results are as follows:


Grade One:

  • Honours - Becky Blackburn, Bailey Holzer
  • Highly Commended – Rachel Bell

Grade Two:

  • Highly Commended - Hunter Hildebrand
  • Commended – Corinn Zieglgansberger

Grade Three:

  • Highly Commended – Paige Bell
  • Commended – Kiera Baryluk
  • Pass Plus – Kirstie Yergens

Elementary Major:

  • Commended – Lakyn Hilstrom
  • Intermediate Major: Commedned – Brie McClement


Preliminary Tap Badge:

  • Successful – Sarah Leverton, Renee Lavoie, Colesey Goetz, Emily Alexander, Abby Hanna, Cazlynn Barnstable, Nicole Kistanov

Bronze Tap Medal:

  • Commended – Becky Blackburn, Michala Brasseur, Shaina Graves, Brooke Pachal
  • Pass Plus – Emily Hegland, Amanda Wilson, Alexa Clow, Haley Tonita

Silver Tap Medal:

  • Highly Commended – Teagan Graham, Corinn Zieglgansberger
  • Commended – Rachel Bell, Hunter Hildebrand, Kaylee MacKenzie, Tiana Whitman
  • Pass Plus – Kara Graves

Gold Tap Medal:

  • Honours – Lakyn Hilstrom, Jennifer Lawrence
  • Highly Commended – Kiera Baryluk, Paige Bell, Bailey Holzer, Kathryn Le, Kayden Tonita
  • Commended - Kirstie Yergens, Amber Dukart, Allyson Haukeness, Alyssa Olson,Maria Sinclair, Kiana Stepp
  • Pass Plus – Zoe Seregella, Shannon Lee, Tristan Burnard


Grade One:

  • Honours – Kiera Baryluk Becky Blackburn, Bailey Holzer, Corinn Zieglgansberger

Grade Two:

  • Honours – Kiera Baryluk
  • Highly Commended – Hunter Hildebrand

Grade Three:

  • Highly Commended – Paige Bell
  • Commended – Kirstie Yergens

Elementary Major:

  • Highly Commended –Lakyn Hilstrom

Advanced Major:

  • Honours – Brie McClement


Preliminary Jazz Badge:

  • Successful – Paige Buhler, Brittny Conquergood, Rachal Gall, Ricki Graham, Reese Handley,Tyra Kuntz, Ardyn Lichkowski, Karlee Ross, Casi Schlapkohl, Joelle Lamontagne, Madison Zandee, Coral Zieglgansberger

Pre-Bronze Jazz Medal:

  • Honours – Kendall Bill, Kia Rosenbaum
  • Highly Commended – Tia Dayman, Kaeli Coleman, Avery Dechief, Madison Frehlick, Mackenzie Knobel, Tamira Krall, Kelsey Romanyk, Taylor
  • Kuntz Commended – Mathew Dubowski, Jillian Fornwald, Mia Hanson, Karli Kittelson, Kourtney Kobitz, Arden Riddle, Jaclyn Schindel, Shelby Tytlandsvik

Bronze Jazz Medal:

  • Highly Commended – Bekcy Blackburn, Amanda Wilson
  • Commended –Hannah Battersby, Michala Brasseur, Taryn Buhler, Michelle Fergusson, Kelsey Fonstad
  • Pass Plus – Kaylee Richaud, Adrienne Dechief, Kailey Guillemin


Grade One:

  • Honours – Kirstie Yergens, Paige Bell, Becky Blackburn, Kiera Baryluk
  • Highly Commended – Bailey Holzer

Grade Two:

  • Honours- Kiera Baryluk
  • Highly Commended – Bailey Holzer, Corinn Zieglgansberger, Kirstie Yergens, Paige Bell, Hunter Hildebrand

Congratulations to all students!


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