A.D.A.P.T. 2010 Dance Exam Results

Students from the Drewitz School of Dance, took part in A.D.A.P.T. Jazz and Tap Exams which were held the  November 29th, 30th and Dec. 1st.   Examiners were Mrs. Gwen Bloom of Toronto, Ontario and Mrs. Sheri Oberholzer from Calgary, Alberta. Recently received results are as follows:

Junior 1 Jazz -
        Highly Commended Plus – Tenley Pratt and Gabrielle Bokhurst
        Highly Commended – Brielle Wakely, Caitlin Green, Savanna Perry, Megan Wilson, Mackenzie Skuce

Junior 2 Jazz
        Highly Commended Plus – Destiny Adams
        Highly Commended – Chelsea Kramer, Eryn Stewart
        Commended Plus – Sarah Leverton, Taylor Geisel, Macie Menzies
Commended – Taiesha Michel, Madison Yunick
Pass Plus – Ashley Wilson, Micaela Dornian

Junior 3 Jazz -
        Commended Plus – Camryn Brown, Shelby Willetts
        Commended – Ardyn Lichkowski, Tyra Kuntz,
                               Brittny Conquergood
        Pass Plus – Madison Dame, Maria Luedtke
        Pass – Coral Zieglgansberger, Sarah Luedtke

Pre-Intermediate 1 Jazz -
        Commended Plus – Kourtney Kobitz,
                               Emma Dumaine, Rachel Gall
        Commended – Mackenzie Knobel, Tamira Krall
        Pass Plus – Kaeli Coleman, Avery Dechief


Pre-Intermediate 3 Jazz –
        Highly Commended Plus – Kayla Brodziak
        Highly Commended – Becky Blackburn
        Commended Plus – Hunter Hildebrand
        Commended – Michala Brasseur


Intermediate 1 Jazz -
        Highly Commended  – Kiera Baryluk
        Commended – Bailey Holzer
        Pass Plus – Maria Sinclair, Kirstie Yergens

Junior 1 Tap-
        Highly Commended Plus – Eryn Stewart, Tenley Pratt
        Highly Commended – Brielle Wakely, Savanna Perry,
                                       Taylor Geisel, Abby Hanson
        Commended Plus – Sydney McKenzie, Nyla Dyck,
                                       Faith Haberstock, Kiera Renauld,
                                       Dawson Simon



Junior 2 Tap -
        Highly Commended Plus – Madison Zandee,
Renee Lavoie, Bryn Lamontagne
        Highly Commended – Colesey Goetz
        Commended Plus – Macie Hall, Cazlynn Barnstable,
                                       Gemma Bittman, Macey Menies
        Commended – Janna Friess, Sarah Leverton
Junior 3 Tap -      
        Commended Plus – Makenna Mack, Jaclyn Schindel,
                                       Kelsey Fonstad, Shelby Willetts
        Commended – Maria Luedtke
        Pass Plus – Sarah Luedtke, Madison Dame,
                           Kaeli Coleman, Emily Alexander

Pre-Intermediate 1 Tap
                Highly Commended Plus – Kia Rosenbaum,
                                                               Kelsey Romanyk
                Highly Commended – Mia Hanson,
     Camryn Brown
                Commended Plus – Rachel Gall, Amy Brook,
                                               Kaira Kyle, Reese Handley
                Commended – Tamira Krall


Pre-Intermediate 2 Tap -
                Commended – Madison Frehlick
                Pass Plus – Mary Parker, Michelle Fergusson,
                                  Kaira Kyle


Pre-Intermediate 3 Tap
                Pass Plus – Becky Blackburn, Michala Brasseur
                Pass – McKenzie Warriner

Intermediate  1 Tap -
                Commended Plus – Hunter Hildebrand,
                                               Kiana Stepp
                Commended – Danica Freiss,
Corinn Zieglgansber
                Pass Plus – Shannon Lee

Intermediate 2 Tap-
                Highly Commended Plus – Kiera Baryluk
                Highly Commended – Bailey Holzer

Congratulations to all participants!



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