Scottish Dance Teachers’ Alliance Highland Examinations for students were held on Friday, December 9, 2011 at the Drewitz School of Dance in Estevan. Students, under the direction of Lorie-Gay Drewitz-Gallaway, ARAD were examined in Medals, Nationals and Jigs Exams. This years examiner was Mrs. Gaelynn MacGregor from Winnipeg, Manitoba. All candidates were successful. Results were as follows:

Pre-Bronze Fling:

Commended – Taylor Geisel, Jillian Fornwald

Pre-Bronze Sword:
Commended Plus – Cazlynn Barnstable
Commeded - Abby Hanna, Taylor Geisel, Olivia Carr, Faith Englot, Jilian Fornwald

Bronze Medal:
Highly Commeded – Mia Hanson, Emily Alexander
Commended Plus – Colesey Goetz, Racquelle Gibbons, Gabrielle Bokhorst, Casi Schlopkohl

Silver Medal:
Commended Plus – Becky Blackburn, Kia Rosenbaum, Kelsey Romanyk
Commended – Ricki Graham, Kourtney Kobitz, Tamira Krall, Camryn Brown, Shelby Tytlandsvik
Pass Plus – Avery Dechief

Pre-Gold Medal:
Commended Plus - Michelle Fergusson, Becky Blackburn
Commended – Madison Frehlick

Scottish Award 1Medal:
Commended Plus – Hunter Hildebrand

Scottish Award 2 Medal:
Commended Plus– Teagan Graham
Commended – Shauna McNaughton

Scottish Award 3 Medal:
Commended Plus – Kiera Baryluk

Pre-Bronze Lilt:

Commended - Faith Englot, Casi Schlapkohl, Olivia Carr, Taylor Geisel, Abby Hanna, Jillian Fornwald, Cazlynn Barnstable

Bronze National:
Commended – Mia Hanson, Racquelle Gibbons, Ricki Graham, Colesey Goetz, Emily Alexander, Gabrielle Bokhorst

Silver National:
Commended – Tamira Krall, Camryn Brown
Pass Plus – Avery Dechief

Gold National:
Commended – Becky Blackburn, Michelle Fergusson, Madison Frehlick, Kia Rosenbaum, Kelsey Romanyk, Kourtney Kobitz, Shelby Tytlandsvik

Scottish Award 1 National:
Commended Plus – Teagan Graham

Scottish Award 2
National: Commended Plus – Hunter Hildebrand

Scottish Award 5
National: Commended Plus – Kiera Baryluk and Shauna McNaughton

Pre-Bronze Jig:
Commended Plus – Kelsey Romanyk, Kia Rosenbaum
Commended – Kourtney Kobitz, Becky Blackburn, Tamira Krall
Pass Plus – Avery Dechief, Camryn Brown

Bronze Jig:
Commended Plus – Becky Blackburn

Silver Jig:
Commmended Plus – Madison Frehlick, Becky Blackburn
Commended - Michelle Fergussn

Gold Jig:
Commended Plus – Shauna McNaughton, Teagan Graham and Hunter Hildebrand

Congratulations to all Students!


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