A.D.A.P.T. 2011 Dance Exam Results

Students from the Drewitz School of Dance, took part in A.D.A.P.T. Jazz and Tap Exams which were held December 6th-8th. Examiners were Faye and Brian Foley of Toronto, Ontario. Recently received results are as follows:

Junior 1 Jazz -
Highly Commended Plus
Lauren Kobitz, Haley Copeland, Eva Salamon,
Highly Commended – Emily Phillips, Kelsey Kowalchuk, Kaitlin Milbrandt
Commended Plus – Haylee Jones, Jersey Long, Jenna Fleck, Mackenna Empey, Paige Anderson
Commended – Kylie Armstrong, Shayla Gill
Pass Plus – Tiana Seeman, Brook Strutt, Katie Wempe, Grant Kocher

Junior 2 Jazz –
Highly Commended Plus – Tenley Pratt, Abby Hanson
Highly Commended – Colesey Goetz, Kailey Kowlachuk
Commended Plus – Brielle Wakely
Commended – Savanna Perry, Mackenzie Skuce, Megan Wilson
Pass Plus – Sydney McKenzie, Madison Hrywkiw, Janna Friess, Kierra Gingras, Gemma Bittman, Gabrielle Bokhorst, Megan Zemlak, Macie Hall, Faith Englot

Junior 3 Jazz -
Commended Plus – Emily Beahm, Madison Zandee, Eryn Stewart
Commended – Makenna Mack, Renee Lavoie, Zoe Wagner
Pass Plus – Cazlynn Barnstable, Paige Buhler
Pass – Jillian Fornwald

Pre-Intermediate 1 Jazz -
Highly Commended – Ricki Graham
Commended Plus
– Reese Handley, Camryn Brown, Khya Hagarty
Commended – Mia Hanson, Jaclyn Schindel
Pass Plus – Hallie Hanson

Pre-Intermediate 2 Jazz –
Highly Commended – Kia Rosenbaum
Commended Plus – Kelsey Romanyk, Mary Parker
Commended – Michelle Fergusson
Pass Plus – Madison Frehlick, Amanda Wilson, Kaeli Coleman
Pass – Taryn Buhler, Shaina Graves

Pre-Intermediate 3 Jazz –
Commended Plus – Halynne Lamontagne
Pass Plus – Kelsey Fonstad, Rebecca Brook

Intermediate 1 Jazz -
Commended Plus – Kayla Brodziak
Commended – Teagan Graham, Hunter Hildebrand, Michala Brasseur
Pass Plus – Becky Blackburn, Kiana Stepp, Corinn Zieglgansberger

Intermediate 2 Jazz –
Commended Plus – Bailey Holzer, Kiera Baryluk

Junior 1 Tap
Highly Commended Plus – Haley Copeland, Jersey Long, Bryanna Morrow, Lauren Kobitz, Eva Salamon
Highly Commended – Emily Phillips, Kaitlin Milbrandt, Kelsey Kowalchuk, Paige Anderson
Commended Plus – Mikayla Lischka
Commended – Tiana Seeman, Shayla Gill, Kylie Armstrong, Brook Strutt

Junior 2 Tap -
Highly Commended Plus – Abby Hanson
Highly Commended – Kailey Kowalchuk
Commended Plus – Taylor Geisel
Commended – Madison Yunick
Pass Plus – Sydney McKenzie, Kiera Renauld

Junior 3 Tap -
Highly Commended Plus – Kayla Brodziak, Madison Zandee
Commended Plus – Eryn Stewart
Commended – Emily Beahm, Bryn Lamontagne
Pass Plus – Abby Hanna, Mackenzie Knobel, Taryn Buhler, Zoe Wagner, Sarah Leverton, Destiny Adams, Renee Lavoie

Pre-Intermediate 1 Tap –
Highly Commended Plus – Khya Hagarty, Kayla Brodziak
Commended – Makenna Mack
Pass Plus – Ricki Graham,
Pass – Maria Luedtke, Madison Dame

Intermediate 3 Tap -
Highly Commended – Kiera Baryluk, Bailey Holzer

Congratulations to all participants!



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