Students from the Drewitz School of Dance in Estevan, under the direction of Lorie-Gay Drewitz-Gallaway, ARAD recently received their results from London, England.

A new RAD curriculum is being presented in the next few years that is slowly taking effect in Professional Dance Studios worldwide. The NEW world-wide marking system was brought in this year as well. Medals are now introduced for each Grade in Bronze (Pass), Silver (Merit) and Gold (Distinction).

With Ballet being the fundamental discipline in dance, children are encouraged to participate in examinations which are an individual goal for them.

Students are now being strategically marked for exams as well as accreditation in their dance exams. Technique, Posture, Musicality, Presentation, Character, and their Dances are now graded. The standard required to pass is world-wide throughout all countries. Examinations for this session were for students Grades Primary to Eight and Spring Vocational Exams.

This years examiner was Mrs. Lynn Ahmad from Toronto, Ontario.

Recently received results are as follows:


Distinction – Kaitlyn Zukewich, Marley Nashiem, Sadie Smith, Ariadne Nagel, Randi Milbrandt

Merit – Gracie Dzuba, Isabella Semenuik, Mercedes Irwin, Amariah Logue, Jayla Memory, Jenna Knibbs, Brooklynn Ruzicka, Annelise Renauld and Sienna Kuntz


Distinction – Kelsey Kowalchuk, Katie Wempe and Makenna Schell

Merit – Jersey Long, Halle Adams, Kate Schmidt, Kylie Armstrong, Shayla Gill, Daryna Prysiazhniuk, Alecia Wiebe, Alyssa Saccary, Skyla Holden, Bryanna Morrow, Iciss L’Heureux, Logan Hase and Hailey Taylor


Distinction – Lauren Kobitz

Merit – Kaitlin Milbrandt, Caitlyn Green, Abby Hanson, Codie Lemcke, Haley Copeland, Emily Phillips, Sydney McKenzie, Elsie Alexander, Tiana Seeman, Jenna Fleck, Madison Hrywkiw, Megan Wilson, Kiera Renauld

Pass – Faith Haberstock


Distinction – Bryn Lamontagne

Merit – Madison Dame,Kailey Kowalchuk, Brielle Wakely, Colesey Goetz, Macie Hall, Jillian Fornwald, Mackenzie Skuce, Taylor Geisel

Pass – Gabrielle Bokhorst


Distinction - Ricki Graham

Merit – Emily Alexander, Madison Zandee, Maria Luedtke, Billie Jaworski and Emily Beahm


Distinction - Madison Frehlick, Kia Rosenbaum and Kelsey Romanyk

Merit- Lorin Fichter, Amy Brook, Mackenzie Knobel, Tamira Krall, Jaclyn Schindel


Merit - Michelle Fergusson, Shaina Graves and Taryn Buhler


Distinction – Michala Brasseur, Halynne Lamontagne and Becky Blackburn

Merit - Kelsey Fonstad and McKenzieWarriner

Intermediate Foundation: Merit - Mia Hanson


Vocational Ballet Exams were held in Saskatoon in March. Examiner was Isabella Yuan of Toronto. Marks were as follows:


Merit – Kayla Brodziak and Corinn Zieglgansberger

Two candidates have been accepted into the Royal Academy of Dance teaching certification program. The two year program is piloted through the University of Durham in London, England. Kiera Baryluk and Corinn Zieglgansberger are being mentored at the Drewitz School of Dance under their teacher Lorie-Gay Drewitz-Gallaway.

Congratulations to all exam candidates!


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