Students from the Drewitz School Of Dance were tested in Tap, Jazz and Ballet Exams, Badges and Medal Tests. The students were examined the end of January. Examiner was Gaetane Hughes from Mississauga, Ontario. Over 160 exams took place. Recently received results were as follows:


Grade 2:
Highly Commended - Kelsey Romanyk and Reese Handley

Intermediate Major: Highly Commended – Kayla Brodziak and Michala Brasseur

Advanced Major :  

Honours – Hunter Hildebrand
Highly Commended – Becky Blackburn
Commended – Corinn Zieglgansberger


Grade 2:
Honours – Reese Handley

Grade 3:
Highly Commended– Kayla Brodziak
Commended – Kaira Schwengler-Kyle

Grade 4: Commended – Kayla Brodziak
Pass Plus - Kaira Schwengler -Kyle
Elementary Major: Highly Commended – Michala Brasseur and Madison Frehlick

Bronze Medal:
Honours – Jaclyn Schindel, Abby Hanna, Jillian Watson
Highly Commended – Renee Lavoie
Commended -   Chauntay Schlosser-Nelson,VShelby Tytlandsvik, Macie Menzies,
Pass Plus - Macie Hall

Silver Medal:  
Honours: Mia Hanson, Kayla Brodziak,  Madison Zandee, Reese Handley
Highly Commended – Destiny Adams, Ricki Graham,
Commended -  Emily Beahm, Taryn Buhler, Madison Dame, Kelsey Fonstad, Mackenzie Knobel    

Gold Medal:  
Honours -  Madison Frehlick, Kelsey Romanyk
Highly  Commended – Kia Rosenbaum and Kaira Schwengler-Kyle
Pass Plus – Amanda Wilson


Grade 2: Honours – Kelsey Romanyk

Grade 3: Highly Commended – Kelsey Fonstad

Intermediate Major:

Highly Commended – Michala Brasseur,Kayla Brodziak and Becky Blackburn
Commended – Madison Frehlick

Advanced Major: Honours – Kiera Baryluk and Hunter Hildebrand

Highly Commended – Corinn Zieglgansberger


Preliminary Ballet Badge: Successful – Nicole Atanacia, Kerison Burnett, Mackenzie Derosier,  Zoey Elliott, Hannah Wock, Manuella Garrate, Jaycee Neff, Addison Hammermeister, Lindsay Mack, Emma Morhart, Kennedy Northrop, Rya Strilaeff, Tyann Babyak, Jordyn Tarnes, Tenaya Empey

Congratulations to all dancers!


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