ADAPT Tap and Jazz Results

Students from teh Drewitz School of Dance recently were tested in the ADAPT Syllabus Jazz and Tap Examiniations held on December 5th and 6th, 2014. Examiners were Brian and Faye Foley of Toronto, Ontario. Results were as follows:


Junior 1 Tap:

Commended Plus - Micaela Kocher
Commended - Jaycee Neff, Annelise Renauld, Tenaya Empey, Ekko Sanguin

Junior 2 Tap:

Commended Plus - Elsie Alexander
Commended - Iciss L'Heureux, Cloe Legault
Pass Plus - Shayna Fichter, Shayla Gill, Alexa Dauk-Law

Junior 3 Tap:

Highly Commended - Isabelle Beahm
Commended Plus - Kaitlin Milbrandt, Katie Wempe
Commended - Billie Jaworski, Lauren Kobitz, Jersey Long
Pass Plus - Tiana Seeman, Emily Phillips
Pass - Kelsey Kowalchuk

Pre-Intermediate 2 Tap:

Commended Plus - Madison Zandee
Commended - Destiny Adams, Bryn Lamontagne

Pre-Intermediate 3 Tap:

Commended Plus - Mia Hanson
Commended - Reese Handley, Kelsey Romanyk


Pre-Intermediate 2 Jazz:

Commended - Destiny Adams
Pass Plus - Madison Zandee
Pass - Tyra Kuntz, Jaclyn Schindel

Pre-Intermediate 3 Jazz:

Commended - Reese Handley
Pass Plus - Mia Hanson, Ricki Graham
Pass - Makenna Mack, Karlee Ross

Congratulations to all exam students!


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