Students from the Drewitz School Of Dance, under the direction of Lorie-Gay Drewitz-Gallaway, participated in SDTA Highland Exams on Tuesday, Nov. 28th. Examiner was Myra Miller from Glasgow, Scotland. This years exams brought in the New Dance Star exams as well as Medal, National and Jig Examinations. Recently received results are as follows:


Dance Star 1

  • Successful – Sierra Burback, Naveah Lang, Summer Gardiner, Kelsie Wilson, Morgan Hase, Kynnadi Smith, Kathryn Orlowski-Lever, Aylish Young, Ekko Sanguin, Sophia Deitz, Aspen Mayuk, Taylor Ellis, Lyric Beaulie

Dance Star 2

  • Successful – Naveah Lang, Sierra Burback, Kelsie Wilson, Summer Gardiner, Kathryn Orlowski-Lever, Sophia Fleck, Ekko Sanguin

Pre-Bronze Fling

  • Commended Plus- Sierra Burback
  • Commended – Kelsie Wilson, Summer Gardiner, Ekko Sanguin

Pre-Bronze Sword

  • Highly Commended –Sophia Fleck, Alyssa Saccary
  • Commended – Tegan Mosley

Bronze Medal

  • Commended Plus – Aurora McCutcheon
  • Commended – Alexis Paton, Sophia Fleck
  • Pass Plus – Sienna Kunt

Pre-Silver Medal

  • Highly Commended – Kerison Burnett
  • Commended – Gabrielle Gedak

Silver Medal

  • Highly Commended – Marley Nashiem
  • Commended – Jersey Long
  • Pass Plus –Halle Adams

Gold Medal

  • Commended – Tiana Seeman Elsie Alexander
  • Pass Plus – Brielle Wakely, Jenna Fleck, Eva Salamon

Scottish Award 2 Medal

  • Commended – Madison Zandee
  • Pass Plus – Gabrielle Bokhorst, Olivia Carr


Bronze National

  • Highly Commended – Kerison Burnett
  • Commended – Gabrielle Gedak


Pre-Bronze Jig

  • Highly Commended – Jersey Long, Halle Adams, Marley Nashiem

Silver Jig

  • Highly Commended – Elsie Alexander, Tiana Seeman, Brielle Wakely, Jenna Fleck
  • Commended Plus - Eva Salamon

Scottish Award 1 Jig

  • Highly Commended –Madison Zandee, Gabrielle Bokhorst
  • Commended - Olivia Carr

Congratulations to all exam students!


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