Photo Gallery

"Picture Perfect"

"Aspirations of Degas"
Pointe Production

"Robery at the Gallery"
Pre-Intermediate Jazz

"Painter Man"
Junior 2 Jazz

"You Oughta Be In Pictures"
Junior 1 Tap

"Skaters Pond"

Grade 2 Ballet

"True Colors to Success"
Senior Jazz

"Artists Life"
Grade 5 Ballet

"Cherished Teddies"
Tiny Tots

"Reach for the Stars"
Junior 1 Jazz

"Shades of Love"
Intermediate Jazz

"Picture in Pink"
Grade 4 Ballet

"Art of the Future"
Grade 7 Ballet

"Scottish Portrait"
Senior Highland

"Jig with a Flare"
Intermediate Highland

"The Colour of Love"
Pre-Intermediate 1 Tap

"Freeze Frame"
Pre-Intermediate 2 Tap

"Moulin Rouge"
Senior Musical Theatre

"Chimney Sweeps"
Junior Musical Theatre

"Laser Art"

Pre-Intermediate 2 Jazz

"Photo in Black
and White"

Tap Trio

"Portrait of
Fred and Ginger"






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